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'Healthy and happy – Vision of a new working society'
An European challenge



Nell-Breuning-Haus, Herzogenrath near Aachen , Germany
Wiesenstr. 17, D-52134 Herzogenrath; www.nbh.de



Sonja Puchelski (NBH)

Jochen Mettlen (CSC)

Conference languages

Simultaneous interpretation: German, English, French


Conference programme

Monday, 22. october 2012
Till 13.00

13.00 - 14.00 registration and salutation with coffee and snack in the lobby

14.00 welcome by moderators and organizers
Leo Jansen (Nell-Breuning-House)

14.10 welcome by co-operation partners

14.30 contentual opening presentation Part A:
I follow the voice of my heart. Don`t be afraid to be a human being!
Karl Rabeder (Austria)

15.30 coffee break

16.00 contentual opening presentation Part B:
To be human and happy within existing work environments?
Karl Rabeder (Austria)

17.00 Plenum with discussion concerning the opening presentations

18.00 dinner


Tuesday, 23.10.2012
8.00 -9.00 breakfast

9.00 Plenum with Impuls-presentations concerning the workshops:

9.15 Today real word work generate a pressure to change W1
IG Metall - Bundesvorstand, Klaus Pickshaus -inquired

9.45 spirituality and work environment W2
Gottlieb Duttweiler Institut (Switzerland) / TU Berlin, Norbert Bolz inquired

10.30 coffeebreak

11.00 Systems of work which allow us to be human beings W3
Karl Rabeder (Austria)

11.30 Burnout -psychomental strain in nearly every job? W4
Karl-Heinz Hellinger (BSS Upper Austria)

12.00 short summary in a plenary session

12.30 lunch and break

14.00 short meeting in the plenum: afterwards:

14.20 Workshops (W1 - W4) with the morning time referees and short introduction of the participants of the respective workshop.

15.30 coffee and cake

16.00 „Cafe –Contact“
Exchange of ideas and possibility to take part into the other workshops:
1st Phase

16.30 2nd Phase

17.00 short meeting in the plenum

17.30 Departure to Aachen (depending on the participants also possible to go to Maastricht and get a read into the contracts of Maastricht)

18.00 guided tour through Aachen Cathedral / Maastricht

19.30 Snack at Haus Löwenstein Europe direct, with examples of crossborder projects

20.30 Time at free disposal in Aachen /Maastricht

22.30 Departure to Herzogenrath

Wednesday, 24.10.2012
08.00 breakfast

09.00 A way to a better working environment - the part of the social partners in a european context
Input by Ralf Woelk (Regionsvorsitzender, DGB NRW West-Südwest)

09.45 Open forum the part of the social partners

10.30 coffee break

11.00 summary of the results central demands put on the social partners


12.30 lunch

13.30 Reflection, evalluation and further arrangements

15.00 END of the conference and departure