„Healthy and happy – Vision of a new working society“
An European challenge


From  October 22. - 24. 2012 in Herzogenrath, Germany

Burnout, mobbing, depressions – Terms those cannot longer be argued away in the
present-day working environment. We will first deal with the question „What does
„being happy“ mean and what do individuals need to be happy“
Afterwards we will be offering 4 workshops during which we shall debate on how to
map the results of the former discussion onto the real working environment.
Along with the referees (Work Councils, Union Leaders, Social Researchers and an
Entrepreneur) we finally shall conceive a foundation for a visionary working
environment in 2020.
Nell-Breuning-Haus, Herzogenrath, Städteregion Aachen) , Deutschland
Wiesenstr. 17, D-52134 Herzogenrath; www.nbh.de


Seminar Language

Simultaneous translation into German, English and French is offered


Sonja Puchelski (NBH)

Jochen Mettlen (CSC)


Seminar fee: 190,- €
Transportation costs up to 300,- € can be refund


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