The Gender Perspective as a Means to Improving Occupational Health!'


Invitation to the European Seminar

12 to 14 October 2015 at the Hotel Klimetica, Ohrid, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia


Occupational stress and occupational illnesses are on the rise, and the general public is taking notice as never before. Companies and public institutions are approaching the issue from different angles. Occupational health management, meanwhile, has become standard practice, and increasing numbers of companies are developing their own health policies. The principle of equal opportunities for men and women and the “gender approach”, however, remain uncommon challenges for occupational health managers and for people who are concerned with health and safety issues or, more generally, the field of “healthy work”. Studies and empirical observations, meanwhile, have demonstrated that health and safety measures fail to benefit men and women equally, which is why urgent action needs to be taken. It has been shown, for example, that a gender-sensitive approach to corporate integration management will generate better results (see Gute Arbeit. 3/2011, pages 25 and 26). Our seminar will attempt to highlight these issues from the perspectives of different European countries. The primary objective is to develop recommendations for the European Social Dialogue that will serve to involve

and to include both men and women from different professions, industries and social groups in health-promoting initiatives, ensuring that they will derive equal benefits from suchmeasures.


Seminar host

Jochen Mettlen (Press / Information / Translation Officer, CSC) – TBC


Conference languages

Macedonian / German / English (plus French or Portuguese according to demand)


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150 p.p. (incl. single room accommodation and meals)

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Participants who want to arrive one day early or would like to extend their stay will be charged € 80 p.p. for every additional night at the hotel incl. breakfast.

Travel costs of up to € 400 may be reimbursed on application.

Participants who do not require accommodation will be charged a one-off participation fee of € 50.


Recommended date of arrival: 11 October. A shuttle will be provided at 1600 hours to take the participants from Skopje Airport to the hotel. Additional shuttle journeys may be organized on demand.


We are looking forward to welcoming you in Ohrid!


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