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'Mobbing – Torture at the Workplace'
An European Challenge



Nell-Breuning-Haus, Herzogenrath (near Aachen), Germany
Wiesenstr. 17, D-52134 Herzogenrath; www.nbh.de

Conference languages
Moderation of the Conference: (Sonja Puchelski (NBH) / Jochen Mettlen (CSC))
Simultaneous interpretation: German, English, French


Conference programme


Wednesday, 02.11.2011
until 13.00 hrs. Arrival
13.00 - 14.00 hrs. Registration and greeting with coffee and snacks in the lobby

14.00 hrs. Welcoming address from the moderators and organizer
Leo Jansen (Nell-Breuning-House)

14.10 hrs. Welcoming address
Rolf-Peter Cremer (Senior Head of Department Pastoral care / School / Education, Bishopric of Aachen)
Silviu Ispas (Member of the Management Board of the European Centre for Workers’ Questions)

14.30 hrs. Initial speech on the topic Part A:
„Mobbing – When the job becomes hell. Mental violence at
the workplace“
Dr. Marie-France Hirigoyen (France)

15.30 hrs. Coffee break

16.00 hrs. Initial speech on the topic Part B:
“Ways of preventing the use of mental violence in working
Dr. Marie-France Hirigoyen (France)

17.00 hrs. Plenary with discussion of the initial speeches

18.00 hrs. Evening meal

Thursday, 03.11.2011
08.00 hrs. Breakfast

09.00 hrs. Podium with more detailed speeches:

09.00 hrs. “Mobbing and Therapy – the human being as a victim“
Josef Schwickerath (AHG Klinik Berus European Centre for Psychosomatic and Behavioural Medicine)

09.45 hrs. “Macro- and Micro-economic effects of mobbing – the costs
as an incalculable risk for the company“
Jean-Michel Miller (Eurofound - the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions)

10.30 hrs. Coffee break

11.00 hrs. “current examples in EU Member States“

- The work of mobbing asbl in Luxembourg
Monique Breisch (mobbing asbl, Luxembourg)

- The work of the CSC in Belgium
Stéphane Lepoutre (CSC Verviers, East Belgium)

- The work of Betriebsseelsorge in Austria
Karl-Heinz Hellinger (Betriebsseelsorge Linz, Upper Austrich)

- The work of the Mobbing-Kontakt-Stelle in Germany
Heinz Backes (Mobbing-Kontakt-Stelle Aachen, Germany)

12.30 hrs. Lunch and break

14.00 hrs. Introductory speech by Georges Bach (MEP)
“Mobbing at the Workplace - Initiatives and Opportunities of the European Parliament“


15.00 hrs. Fishbowl discussion with participants on the topic
Participants: Georges Bach (MEP)
Jean-Michel Miller (Eurofound)
Josef Schwickerath (Berus)

16.15 hrs. Coffee and biscuits

16.45 hrs. Summary of the findings
“The main challenges for European legislation“

17.30 hrs. Departure to Aachen

18.00 hrs. Guided Visit to the Cathedral of the City of Aachen

19.00 hrs. Ceremony “10 years of mobbing intervention in the bishopric of
Aachen“ with members of the Mobbing Contact Point and Minister
G. Schneider (MAIS NRW)

21.00 hrs. Free time in Aachen

22.30 hrs. Return to Herzogenrath


Friday, 04.11.2011
08.00 hrs. Breakfast

09.00 hrs. “The Role of the Social Partners in the European Context
Input from Claude Denagtergal (Advisor confédérale at the European Trade Union Confederation)
Rebekah Smith (Senior Advisor for Social Affairs - Businesseurope) - requested

10.00 hrs. Podium discussion “The role of the social partners“

10.45 hrs. Summary of findings
“Main challenges to the social partners“


11.00 hrs. Coffee break

11.30 hrs. Drafting of a general statement (Charter)

12.00 hrs. Closing reflections

12.30 hrs. Lunch

14.00 hrs. End of the conference and departure of participants